ACC Pesto Verde
ACC Pesto Verde
ACC Pesto Verde

ACC Pesto Verde

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This colorful pesto cheese is certainly worth the while. Not only the bright color but also the taste will lighten up your mood. This creamy young cheese is blended with pesto made from basil, pine nuts and olive oil. This is a surprisingly delicious cheese. Please note that this cheese is pasteurized.

Food pairings:
Grilled sandwich for a refined taste, in pasta or on a stunning pizza.

Drink pairings:
With Chateau Amsterdam white wine: Serenade by dawn.

Chateau Amsterdam is an urban winery in Amsterdam. They produce classic wines, modern wines and new tastes in the realm of wine.

The flavored cheese label is made by Klaver Cheesemakers in cooperation with CONO Cheesemakers. Because of the detailed attention to their animal wellbeing, Klaver is able to produce the most wonderful Cheese blends. All the Gouda blends are aged for 4 months and made of cow milk.