41 products

41 products

Discover our Dutch cheese products

At the Amsterdam Cheese Company, we select the best Dutch cheese products to give you the real Holland experience. We are true Dutch cheeseheads who want to share our passion and pride of our country’s finest product!

We divided our cheese products into different categories. From soft cheeses and smoked cheeses to cheese with truffle and many more popular cheeses. Discover our Dutch cheese products online or in one of our cheese shops!

About the making of our Dutch cheese products

Our cheese makers are continually investing in new technologies that ensure a sustainable and environmentally friendly cheese production. As a small cooperative located just north of Amsterdam we always want to evolve and therefore keep ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to animal welfare, sustainability, and, of course, taste. By testing taste on a weekly basis, we make sure we provide you with the best quality and best tasting cheese. Try it yourself when you are in one of our stores.

About our cheese

We offer many different kinds of cheese. From full cheese wheels to vegetarian baby Gouda’s and from various slices of cheese to gift packs with our cheese and beer combo’s.

Flavorwise, we have something for everyone. Our Gouda cheeses vary from 2 to 36 months, our herbal cheeses vary from tame to sensational and our baby Gouda’s are all vegetarian. Our goat cheese is really distinctive in taste, very soft to taste and also vegetarian. 

Vacuum packed and shipped internationally

All of our cheeses are vacuum packed and ready to fly. And if you can’t come to Amsterdam, we can still bring a piece of Amsterdam to you.