ACC 36 Months
ACC 36 Months
ACC 36 Months

ACC 36 Months

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Only after a very long maturing process you can call a cheese a crumbly cheese. It has matured for close to three years. This cheese is rich and nutty with hints of caramel and embedded with crunchy crystals, that form during this long maturation all creating an incredible depth of taste. An absolute winner in taste.

The Amsterdam Cheese Company label is produced by CONO Cheesemakers, a cooperative of over 425 dairy farmers in the Westbeemster region, north of Amsterdam. CONO cheese has been acclaimed for its outstanding quality and is unique in its taste and texture. The cooperation is owned by farmers and the cheese production continues to be developed following traditional and artisanal processes. 

Food pairings:
This very rich cheese with such a strong flavor stands on its own. No addition needed. Accompaniments seems pale in comparison to its caramel and robust flavor. So just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy this richness.

Drink pairings:
And while you're there, take a sip of our ACC beer.

Or enrich with Chateau Amsterdam red wine, Tango by night. Even Chateau Amsterdam white wine, Serenade by dawn will do.

Chateau Amsterdam is an urban winery in Amsterdam. They produce classic wines, modern wines and new tastes in the realm of wine.