Our Story

We’d like to tell you about our Dutch cheese

Although most cheeses tend to look alike, there’s a world of difference between them. So how to tell one from the other? How to make sure you won’t fly home with a weighty block of mediocre cheese?

Discover what sets the Amsterdam Cheese Company apart from other Dutch cheese makers.

About the Amsterdam Cheese Company

Our story starts with our ingredients. Without them, our cheese would be, well, just cheese. You see, cheese making is no rocket science. Unless you’re trying to make it on the moon, of course. The secret, as always, is in the ingredients. And, lucky for us, the ingredients we use are impossible to replicate. Because nowhere else in the world you’ll find cows as spoiled as ours. Or the same luscious, slightly saline grass. Let alone the same hardworking, totally dedicated dairy farmers. Only this combination gives our cheeses their outspoken and unbeatable flavor and distinguishes us as a cheese shop from the rest.


As you can tell, the Amsterdam Cheese Company likes to keep it real. Great tasting cheese by real people who really care about the wellbeing of their animals and environment. No bull, erm… cow shit.

Our city

Amsterdam. Capital of the Netherlands and Venice of the North. With its picturesque canals and century old buildings, it’s the home of our cheese stores. And while our cows enjoy the luscious greenlands in the close vicinity of the city, we really love everything this city has to offer. Come visit us in the heart of Amsterdam to meet our friendly staff and try all of our cheese.

Our farmers

Being a supplier for the Amsterdam Cheese Company isn’t for everyone. We strictly work with small, independent famers who are at the top of their game. Farmers that keep looking for innovative solutions to produce the very best milk with respect for their herds and the environment. Naturally, we constantly monitor their process to make sure they meet our stringent quality standards.

Our cows

Like true Amsterdammers, our cows have a bit of an attitude too. They take their job very seriously (even ice cream makers Ben & Jerry’s noticed, they love our cream) but enjoy their downtime in equal measure. That’s why they’re outside as much as possible and get an additional massage and manicure from time to time. Spoiled? Maybe. But we’re pretty sure you’ll taste the difference.

Our grass

You are what you eat. And in this case, you are what our cows eat: unspoiled, nutrient rich grass you’ll only find in the close vicinity of Amsterdam. Its unique climate and soil, twelve feet below sea level in case you were wondering, gives the milk its pleasingly sweet taste. That’s why you’ll never find any unnecessary additives in our cheese. We just don’t need them.