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ACC Nettle
ACC Nettle

ACC Nettle

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Nettle cheese is a Dutch specialty. The tops of nettles are used in this traditional herb cheese. The nettles give the cheese a fresh edge. Please note that this cheese is pasteurized.

Food pairings:
Nettle cheese is not only a great sandwich filling, but it can also be used in a nice salad, omelet or a creamy soup.

Drink pairings:
Dry cider or with Chateau Amsterdam white wine, Serenade by dawn.

Chateau Amsterdam is an urban winery in Amsterdam. They produce classic wines, modern wines and new tastes in the realm of wine.

The flavored cheese label is made by Klaver Cheesemakers in cooperation with CONO Cheesemakers. Because of the detailed attention to their animal wellbeing, Klaver is able to produce the most wonderful Cheese blends. All the Gouda blends are aged for 4 months and made of cow milk.