Recipe Alert: ACC Endive Stew (w/Optional Meatball)

We know you love cheese like we do, but did you also know our Dutch Gouda cheese is perfect to use in different recipes? In this recipe series we'd love to inspire you and show you what is possible with our delicious Gouda cheese.
Take for example our ACC 14 months and ACC Mustard cheese. Use it in a traditional Dutch recipe and relive your times in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

500g Endive
750g Mashed Potatoes (ready-to-use)
2tbsp Coarse Mustard
50g Walnuts (finely chopped)
100g ACC 14-Month Cheese (grated)
75g ACC Mustard Cheese (cubed)

Optional: Meatball
300g Minced Meat of your Choice
50g Breadcrumbs
1tsp Sambal
1 egg
1tsp Worchester Sauce
1tbsp Mustard
7g Minced Meat Herbs
4 Cubes of ACC Mustard Cheese
50g Butter
200ml Beef Stock

Warm up the mashed potatoes and once it is warm, mash the raw endive through it.
Then add the 14 month Amsterdam Cheese Company cheese to the mixture and the mustard.Serve with the walnuts and mustard cheese on top.

Instructions meatball:
Mix the minced meat with the other ingredients except the cheese. Divide into four equal parts and make a well in the center of each part. Place the cheese block in this and shape it around it a ball. Heat the butter over high heat, fry the balls on all sides and as soon as all the balls are brown, deglaze the balls with the broth. Turn the heat down and let it simmer for half an hour.

Serve with the endive stew for the ultimate Dutch pot! šŸ˜‹

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ACC 14 months
ACC 14 months
ACC 14 months
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ACC 14 months

ACC 14 months



Amsterdam Cheese Company 14 months enjoys a longer period of maturation than the younger versions which further enhances the flavor. This is a wonderful cheese, aĀ  Amsterdam store favorite and a genuine delicacy. Its firm and smooth, with some salty-sweet crystallization. It has a deep amber color and a complex long finish. This Gouda cheese is lactose free.

The Amsterdam Cheese Company label is produced by CONO Cheesemakers, a cooperative of over 420 dairy farmers in the Westbeemster region, north of Amsterdam. CONO cheese has been acclaimed for its outstanding quality and is unique in its taste and texture. The cooperation is owned by farmers and the cheese production continues to be developed following traditional and artisanal processes.

Please note: The full cheese wheel can only be bought via pre-order. Please email your request to

Food pairings

Serve with honeycomb, walnuts, dried apricots, red apples, grapes and/or salami. Make a grilled cheese with Beemster signature ham, pesto and roasted tomatoes.

Drink pairings

Try this beautiful cheese with our ACC red wine.

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