Wijde Heisteeg


Wijde Heisteeg 9, 1017 AD Amsterdam

Opening hours

Thursday to Sunday: 11pm - 7pm

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Welcome to the Wijde Heisteeg store

Home of the first Amsterdam Cheese Company store, ever! This characteristic store can be found in the popular 9 streets neighborhood. 9 picturesque little streets in Amsterdam, full of quirky shops and wonderful eateries.

Wijde Heisteeg open again!

Our oldest store has opened their doors again. When you're visiting the 9 streets stop by to try some of our delicious cheese. 

And soon we will have another special treat for you in this store. Stay tuned.

"I get excited when I share my love for good cheese with people from all over the world. There is no routine and every day is different and special. This is why I love working at ACC"

Angela Ganoti - staff