Baby Gouda Cumin

Baby Gouda Cumin

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Is a traditional Dutch cheese. Inspired centuries ago, by the exotic spice trade Leyden, it is made with cumin that imparts a fragrant aroma and zesty flavor. It is mild with a buttery, semi-soft texture, and like all of our cheeses, is made from the rich, creamy, sweet milk. Cumin imparts an earthy, warm flavor and an aromatic finish.

Food Pairings:
Burgers -and veggie burgers-, serve with rustic, hearty bread and pickled vegetables.

Drink Pairings:
Syrah, Riesling, bright and citrusy cocktails, and with full-bodied beers. Our ACC Beer or served with bright and citrusy cocktails.

This cheese is vegetarian. It's made with vegetarian rennet.