Meet Majka our every day sunshine!

My name is Majka, I am from Slovakia. I’m the store manager of my lovely store in Kalverstraat.
It’s been almost 6 years since the first time I came to Amsterdam for vacation and I literally fell in love with this city. I decided, that after I finish my study I’ll move here and live my happy life. Well here I am! The past years here I couldn’t imagine being even happier.

I love my sunshines!

My first time working at ACC was 3 years ago. Those who know me will say that this is a great job for me. I adore our delicious cheeses and selling them to people from all around the world. Sadly because of corona I left ACC for sometime, but now I’m back as a Store Manager and even stronger!

I work with my amazing team! Motivating them and training them makes me happy. They are all my sunshines.

I’m supposed to pick one favourite cheese but I really can’t! I like them all. The taste of our cheeses are so incredibly good. Well you should pass by and try yourself.

Cheese with more cheese on top please

What I do in my free time ? You will definitely not find me sitting at home in front of the TV! My life is very active. I really enjoy dancing and playing ping pong. Painting is also one of my hobbies even though I’m not very good at it. Let’s keep that as a secret between us! I do enjoy spending time with my friends and family, that’s my time to relax.

There is one more thing that I love to do! And that’s eating cheese with cheese and more cheese on the top of it!

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