ACC Goat 6 Months
ACC Goat 6 Months
ACC Goat 6 Months

ACC Goat 6 Months

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Think you don’t like goat cheese? Think again. This is nothing like the fresh goat cheese you are used to. This aged 6 months goat cheese is full flavored with a smooth taste. The cheese is pasteurized and fully vegetarian.

Our goat cheese is produced by Klaver Cheesemakers. Klaver receives a very healthy milk production with a wonderful taste. Famous for their top quality goat cheeses. The cheese makers have also won over the hearts of many with their abundance of promising new flavored cheeses.

Food pairings:
Great on salads and sandwiches, serve with wildflower honey, and whole wheat bread.

Drink pairings:
Enjoy with Chateau Amsterdam red wine, Tango by night and white wine Serenade by dawn.

Chateau Amsterdam is an urban winery in Amsterdam. They produce classic wines, modern wines and new tastes in the realm of wine.