Meet Angela our cheese connoisseur


My name is Angela Ganoti, I come from Greece but for the last 9 years I have moved to The Netherlands to live in Leiden with my 8 y.o. son Konstantinos.

I have been working in the ACC for the last 5 years. I am responsible to welcome our new employees and show them the quality and the passion that we have in this company for our cheese, and how all together, share this with our customers in the stores.  

Working life!

I can’t wait every day to open the store and see happy people from all over the world. Tasting is a very big issue so we recommend our customers to taste. My moto is “don’t be shy…. try !!!” And this is how they choose their favorites and bring back to their home and family. It is very touching; when people say that when they go back and eat our cheese to remember us and the good moments they had in the store! And this is what makes my work so special.

My favorite cheese hmm…. I’ll tell you in the store! For sure a baby cheese, it depends on the day and the mood. But for sure a rich, flavored cheese with character. 

There is no free time, but quality time!

My everyday life is full… starts at six in the morning, as I am a fulltime single mother. When I am not working, I spend time with family and friends. Every Sunday we try to go to museums or concerts with my son.

When I want to relax and focus, I puzzle and I am walking at least one hour early in the morning. Free time means vacation to Greece and try to achieve twice per year.